What can they teach you about writing?

by Guy Laramee

German race car drivers, Finnish architects, Brazilian photographers, English magicians...

What can they teach you about writing? 

This is a weekly series of articles drawing on public statements by talented people, and how such statements apply to the act of writing. “Talented people” does not mean they’re entertainers, nor do I expect you to agree with my definition of talent at all times.

In early 2012, I decided to expand my scope and include popular (or influential) characters in storytelling media such as comics, film and television.

This page is the hub for the series, updated as new articles come out.


Leaders, Innovators & Scientists
My little black cat, gone too soon (Yes! My cat was a scientist! OK?)

Fictional Characters & Media
Batman, part 2
Ellen Ripley (Alien, Aliens, Alien3)
Superman, part 1
Superman, part 2



Painters, Illustrators & Photographers
Diane Arbus
Random People & Things
Writer's block
Bad movies, part I
Bad movies, part II

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