Jun 1, 2016

3 Pre-Made Villains for Your Next Story

The following characters are free to use in your short story, novel, RPG or any other fiction medium.

So. Let's start with your average lowlife and work our way up to cosmic horror.

1. Mel Knotts, slumlord

Likes: Cuban cigars, Pappy Van Winkle, his pitbull terrier Jaws, his 1959 jukebox
Dislikes: A police detective named Watts, a psychic who calls herself Yvonne del Rio
Hobbies: Darts
Prominent feature: A bulging black mole on the tip of his nose
Weaknesses: Fear of witches and magic, greed, his little sister, and gambling

2. "Two Scorpions," black market art dealer 

Likes: Egon Schiele, Arabian thoroughbreds
Dislikes: Twenty-first century art, computers
Hobbies: Collecting exotic animals (rumored)
Prominent feature: Nobody knows what Two Scorpions looks like
Weaknesses: For some time now, somebody has been posing as Two Scorpions and sending cryptograms to the Interpol about TS's operations

3. Vazathlaturknavlrax, God of Breaths Exhaled into Paper Bags

Likes: Nothing
Dislikes: Nobody knows
Hobbies: Cultivating general horribleness
Prominent feature: Vazathlaturknavlrax is so incomprehensible you have to see it through your nose, and you must feel its shadow with your left knee; in its presence, you slowly begin to transform into an airplane seat
Weaknesses: logic and sunlight

Bruce Pennington

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