Dec 19, 2014

A Musical About the Consequences of Colonialism

A certain Danish astronomer went to sleep in Copenhagen and woke up in Istanbul. It was still called Constantinople at the time, or possibly not.

A certain Turkish potter went to sleep in Istanbul and woke up in Copenhagen.

Wives and relatives were sorely vexed.

Photo by Isabelle Wenzel

The Danish astronomer I had in mind as I wrote "A certain Danish astronomer" is, obviously, Ejnar Hertzsprung. He came up with a classification system for stars that we still use today -- dividing them by spectral type, developmental stage and luminosity.

To the best of my knowledge, Hertzsprung never teleported anywhere, let alone trade places with a Turkish potter.

Ejnar Hertzsprung was born in 1873. Istanbul still thrived under the Ottomans, but the empire itself would fall in a few decades. 

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