Dec 11, 2014

16 Bars, Pubs and Stores You Would Want to Avoid (Maybe)

These are all fictional, that I know of. Go ahead and use them for anything you like.

1. The Merry Cockroach

2. Surplus Detritus

3. Fangs Fangs Fangs

4. Your Little Corner Nightmare

5. Leather & Blood

6. Pizza-Flavored Wines

7. Chupacabra Central

8. The Saint with a Wobbly ****

Art Snacks: the Hot Dog
by Marija Tiurina

9. The King’s Last Breath

10. Lettuce on a Stick

11. Merlot’s Emporium of Iced Lingerie

12. Spaghetti on a Stick

13. House of Human Sweat

14. Affordable Yak Armpit Sebum

15. Vodka on a Stick

16. Armageddon Lounge & Biomass Plant

See you later!

by Oliver Lake

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