Nov 28, 2014

Perfection Is All to the Misguided Child

I found truth at the bottom of a latte — at least that’s where the search began. Instead of Styrofoam I looked upon a snow-capped mountain. A lenticular cloud hovered above it like a giant amoeba; two men and a woman who wore pelts, beads and feathers crawled up the hillside.

The Tree Witch
by Uberkraaft

Lenticular clouds come in several flavors. They form in the troposphere, the lowest portion of the Earth's atmosphere which, by the way, contains 80% of the atmosphere's mass.

"Virunga National Park Landscape" by Cai 

Lenticular clouds sometimes get mistaken for UFOs or "UFO cover." Being something of a lowlander myself, I saw my first lenticular cloud well into my adult years. They do not form close to the ground.

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