Oct 23, 2014

The Cornucopia of Infinite Lamentation


Notes from a Funeral Directors’ Conference aboard the Starship Pegasus

Death was going out of style.
Fifty slack-jawed hippos fed on oatmeal substitute had convened on the Pegasus to fix that.
A woman came up to the lectern, tapped the microphone, and spoke:
“The dead used to outnumber the living,” she said. “Now we creep closer and closer to immortality.”

Alfio Presotto

I realize the subjects of death and funeral directors may not appeal to you very much, not even if you tweak it to have funeral directors in space, so let's wrap up on a positive note.

Ali Farka Touré (video below), the "African John Lee Hooker," was a Malian musician of international renown. His nickname Farka means "donkey." Here, he appears with Boubacar Traoré and they play the sweetest blues song you could possibly imagine. Enjoy.

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