Oct 31, 2014

Curse of the Man-Pig-Butterfly

The subway car emptied itself around Haruto, but no passengers had left. They vanished into the crannies of a daydream. Haruto looked up from his manga; someone sat at the far end of the car, wearing a torn mask. Strips of pink and brown swayed as the train chugged on.

Monster 3D
by Monster Riot

The Japanese name Haruto is connected with sunlight and with Ursa Major, the constellation. Character names can always be used to suggest interesting personality traits, little quirks, the character's growth in the story... you name it.

There's no Halloween tradition of trick-or-treating in Japan, although the date has become popular in Japan. Popular with adults, especially.

Here's a mini-art flood inspired by Halloween. Enjoy!

Tarot Card: The Magician
by Jazzberry Blue

by Pepe Rodríguez

Another Night
by Hector Mansilla

Red Riding Hood
by Jazzberry Blue

Life Is Cool
by Andy Westface

by Eevien Tan

The Gang
by iheartjlp

La Muerte
by Ururuty

by Martynas Pavilonis

3 Witches
by Michael B. Myers Jr.

Dracula Kid
by Lime

Twisted Cat
by Anna Alexeeva

And I shall bid you adieu with this spoopy android of my own creation, Viktor Droidenstein. You can create your own at androidify.

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