Sep 26, 2014

With Great Power Come the Weirdest Groupies, or, Old Geezer Dreams Never Die

Ribbendorf, long pressed into the service of angels, found the English “magician” quite intolerable. He had introduced himself as John Dee, and the bright silver disc of his face followed Ribbendorf everywhere, asking bizarre questions and barking “words of power.” Ribbendorf would occasionally humor the madman with some holy-sounding gibberish.

Mati Klarwein

1. The "holy-sounding gibberish" is Enochian, a form of angelic (?) speech which some people believe is an actual language. You might as well read the Forty-Eight Calls and make up your own mind.
2. John Dee is the English "magician," quotes and all, bothering Ribbendorf. The latter, in the context of this prompt, actually serves angelic beings.
3. Alan Moore said, and who am I to disagree -- because I would never disagree with that beard -- that John Dee and Edward Kelley encountered beings capable of moving through the fifth spatial dimension and, for lack of a better word, called them angels. But these weren't exactly angels.

You go ahead and debate that beard. I dare not.

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