Sep 19, 2014

The Motherlander Wars, Book II of MegaCodex XI: Revenge of the Sovietskis

“Running empire much work!” said Kratoskiev to his privates between two explosions that shook the ground they stood on. The Sinomerican Coalition seemed to have an infinite number of rockets, yet could only fire one at a time. “Next who call Tsarevitch ‘milkpussydongle’ I execute on spot!”

Sovietski Banner Sergeant © John Magnet Bell
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By the way, this is where "The Motherlander Wars" comes from.

And while I have no intention of developing the Sovietski world into a role-playing game or anything of the kind, I will confess to having a blast working on the illustration above hahaha a blast get it GET IT? OMFG I AM SO CLE---

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