Sep 10, 2014

Last Secret of the Inverted Tower

We went all four to plead with the Lord of Pain, that he let us bury our fifteen dead in the landslide.
Juu, the least scared of us, crawled up to the man of silver and gold that guarded the steps to the Lord’s palace.

Bruce Pennington

1. As I tend to limit my story prompts to a 50-word maximum, I left out some story information which you are free to use:

Juu would try to get the attention of the man of silver and gold (which I imagined as a kind of automaton, powered by an ill-understood or unknown energy source), and as this man slowly wrenched his head around and down to look at Juu -- Juu would have sidled up to him -- the man's head would have tumbled off his neck and rolled down the steps, leaving his rigid metal body still and motionless. This would have first surprised and then emboldened the group of four to go into the palace and find out what was going on.

2. Why do people love post-apocalyptic fiction? I found some partial answers at SF Signal:

Susan Beth Pfeffer links their popularity to economic recession. Hugh Howey  points to their value as survival stories comparable to the Robinsonades of yesteryear, that help us think about ways to adapt to a catastrophic situations. Other authors have different things to say.

3. Parting shot - here's some more Bruce Pennington for you.

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