Sep 5, 2014

A Long Trip to the Waiting Room, or, I Want a Parachute for my Birthday

Coitus McLean, favorite poetaster of the Dowager Queen, composer of ditties both gentle and biting, fell down a hole.
“Coitus!” he said to himself, in the act of falling, “you find yourself in a predicament.”
“Indeed,” said a chimneysweep who’d fallen down the same hole, and both men kept falling.

The Valley
by David Van Gough

It's nice to have someone agree with you, even when you find yourself in a predicament. One might even aver that the more predicated your predicament happens to predicate you, the more you appreciate people who agree with you.

The same goes for facts. Humans have this slight tendency to ignore facts that contradict their beliefs.

For example, I refuse to acknowledge that people in Australia live their whole lives upside down or that aliens built the Egyptian pyramids, despite all evidence to the contrary. Nor will I ever be forced to admit that Kim Jong-un is a time-traveling gerbil from the year 2899. Such things do not compute

Yours truly,
Batchu Pikaman

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