Aug 8, 2014

We Are But Shrimp to Your Cavernous Magnificence

“For the last time,” Vermillion shouted, “I will not join your cabal of cowardly muskrats!”
The Wiezerds wrinkled their noses in disgust. Hortensio, the Chief Wiezerd, shifted his pipe from one side of his mouth to the other and said, “You do not fear the vampire whales?”

3 Wiezerds have their photo taken for posterity.
No, I have no idea who these people were in real life.

This prompt started out as a skit about expired mayonnaise, but after two rounds of edits I dropped that angle.

I don't have any pictures of vampire whales, so here's a lovely photo of asparagus to make up for that. 

Wikipedia has the following linguistic gem on asparagus: "In Turkish, asparagus is known as "kuşkonmaz," literally "bird can't land," in reference to the shape of the plant."

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