Aug 22, 2014

Voltheimer’s Instant Breakout Machine Wasn’t So Instant After All

Anger tucked his portfolio under his arm and marched into that hive of pompous windbags, the Hagiographic Institute of the Avant-garde.

He stomped into the meeting room, where Blaise d’Osorio-Cavanagh chaired the session. Anger threw his portfolio at them. “You swine aren’t ready for this!” he shouted, per instructions.

by Tomek Jankowski

… And then he found out there aren’t any quick and easy routes to success, especially not machines where you turn a few knobs and slide a few sliders and voilà, you get your 60-foot limo and your gold-plated toilet handed to you on a… on a… on a diamond platter, I guess.

To quote Adrien Brody,

My dad told me, ‘It takes fifteen years to be an overnight success,’ and it took me seventeen and a half years.

The way I see it, success comes from the combination of three key ingredients:

Ϫ Loving what you do; so much so that ‘success’ becomes secondary and getting the work done is your first and foremost priority

Ϫ Outbound: Getting your point across
Ϫ Inbound: Being open to others and willing to learn from them, paying attention, listening and observing

Ϫ Working to hone your skills, even when it feels like an uphill struggle
Ϫ Sticking with it though the rewards seem few and far between (see “Passion” above)

Meet the Beetles
by Eric Fan

I found the phrase "hive of pompous windbags" here, and liked it so much I had to steal it.

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