Jul 27, 2014

Sunday Art Flood: Creatures, Robots and Spaceships

Why do people enjoy stories?

I can't give you a comprehensive answer, but there must be an evolutionary advantage to it. We don't know whether the Neanderthal told each other stories; they're not around anymore. Homo Sapiens, a story-loving creature, has supplanted or absorbed all other human species on Earth.

It seems to me that human language organizes itself around some form of storytelling and so, given the need to make sense of the world and fill the gaps of knowledge, people began to shape their intuitions into vague but poetic explanations of the world. Explanations that featured characters from a world before time, like the raven who created the first people, or the tree of knowledge with a dragon coiled around its roots. Metaphor came into being before it even had a name.

Our ancestors lived in a world rife with magic and danger. It was an enchanted world, one in which invisible forces could be petitioned -- and even threatened! -- to guarantee a good hunt or a bountiful harvest.

We no longer rely on gods or demons or numinous spirits to get us what we want, but the need for enchantment and wonder remains, and this is where art comes in.

My Life I Like
by Lockheed jun mao
Are you ready for a journey into the past that never was, and the eons that may come?

ORC pinup girl
by Adam Duncan

by Gebe

by Brenoch Adams

La Cittá in moto!
by Luca Massone

by David Nakayama

by George Redreev

My Beard... An Amazing Thing
by Carlos Rocafort

What Remains
by Wayne Barlowe

Saint George the Victorious
by George Redreev

The Lost Fleet: Dreadnought
by David Demaret

Digital Love
by Gebe

Journeying Spirit
by Matt Miller

by Aldo Katayanagi

Mr. Wooly
by Muxxi

Flying Bugs
by Cristi Balanescu

by Yoaz

The Soldier of Meteora
by equinoz

Mandy Cotton Candy
by The Midnight Rabbit

Tamanoir de garde calibrée
by Thomas Brissot

Not with a Whimper but with a Bang
by Hector Mansilla

by Daniel Lieske

Draco Rutilus
by Tibor Bedats

The Paladin
by Wei Chen

Steam Robot
by Yu Cheng Hong

by David Cabrera
Have a great Sunday! See you soon.

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