Jul 9, 2014

Mail Order Apocalypse

She had a face like an angel and legs like an ostrich. Her name was Ekaterina, she could stomp the soul out of you, and she knew what she wanted.

He had a face like an ostrich and the ethics of an evolved pop tart, which isn't saying much. Pettifer also knew what he wanted. Some of it involved identity theft, embezzlement and starting his own cult.

Together, they would commit several unorthodox crimes, and become every cop's, every lawyer's, and every lawmaker's favorite criminal couple.

My Dog Loves Gin
by Farnell

You know, I could launch into a diatribe regarding the sheer badness of ordering people off mail catalogs, but then my mind keeps straying to the subject of one-eyed pugs sitting on skateboards drinking gin through a straw, and that makes it difficult to focus on serious subjects. So have some more art instead, which I have gleaned from this abundant orchard we like to call "the Internet."

Perks of Being a Wallflower
by Miles to Go

by Amee Cherie Piek

I'm No Pig without a Wig
by Oliver Lake

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