Jul 12, 2014

A Prayer to the Coastal Winds

In his blue business suit and silk tie thrashing like a trapped worm, he squatted by the basalt rocks, charred fragments of an alien world, and began to dig.

Maybe she will forgive me if I find a shell, a special one, he thought. I’ll call her in the morning.

Photo by John Magnet Bell

Wiktionary informs me that the verb "to estrange" comes from Old French estranger, "to treat as a stranger"; Dictionary.reference.com contributes "to turn away in feeling or affection; make unfriendly or hostile; alienate [someone's affections.]"

The opposite of estrangement, I guess, is finding yourself through somebody else -- finding a person who resonates with you. Resonance also comes from Old French by way of the Latin word for "echo" -- resonantia.

We spend our lives looking for echoes. This is Nature at work. If birds call to each other, if trees communicate, if every living thing on this planet builds some kind of community based on familiar sights, sounds, tastes and ideas, why should we be any different?

Go out today and be the soothing, familiar voice that somebody needs. Be the echo gifted with consciousness.

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