Jun 5, 2014

When Clever Bugs Roamed Freely in the Kingdoms of Man

Yesterday I had to skip blogging for reasons various and sundry. You know those times when you run yourself into the ground and your body just compels you to take a break? Yeah, that's what happened. Moral of the story: pay attention to what your body tells you. But here I am now, with the story prompt that you've been waiting for. Enjoy!

The Stone Butterfly Dreamed of Waking Up Again
by John Magnet Bell

The butterfly just wouldn’t stop asking questions.

Who is Sogarthi?

Why do you have to kill him?

Why is he evil?

Rholanda sliced the air with her dagger. The butterfly, head intact, lit upon Rholanda’s shoulder.

Because you said so? What does that mean?

Hypostasis 5
by John Magnet Bell

Did you know that Society6, the artist community I'm a part of, is offering free shipping worldwide on prints, t-shirts, phone cases and more, until June 8? 

That's right. But you need a magic key to get that sort of goodness. And, guess what, I have just such a key for my friends and readers.

Let me just ask an honest question: Do you love art? I'm assuming the answer is yes. Well, that's something we have in common, you and me:

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Don't you want free shipping? Everyone wants free shipping, no matter where you live.

Or, maybe you've run out of space for quality art on your walls, because you're that sort of person. But hey, how about a t-shirt, tote bag or laptop skin? Because I have gorgeous stuff for you to wear - to the beach - the casino - the boardwalk - the Parisian promenade - and make all your friends wonder where you got your swag

Yes, both you AND your computer can wear my art.
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And now you can even embellish your bathroom with my cosmic stuff!

See you tomorrow. 
Enjoy some great music in the meantime!

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