Jun 18, 2014

The Chomping Mouth at the End of June

Briony’s nightmares started with these two-minute videos that appeared online every Tuesday. On a speckled kitchen countertop, two hands in latex gloves placed a blue tea mug and filled it partway with a dark, viscous fluid. With every new video the hand poured more of the fluid into the mug.

Emma Snow and the Yeti
by Matthew Grabelsky

Briony, a variant of Bryony, apparently used to be the name of a Eurasian vine used as medicine.

Yetis do not exist, but it might be fun if they did.

I don't know whether anyone is making videos of the kind I describe in the story prompt above, but I do know of one person who started a series where she just counted numbers off of her microwave display and that was it. After a couple dozen videos, most of the viewership had quit but a few brave souls were still tuning in and waiting for some kind of revelation.

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