May 2, 2014

Life Lesson Number One: Giants Take Up an Awful Lot of Space

A long time ago on the island of Pham there lived a giant with the tiniest ears in the world – and Lady Duress, queen of the South, wanted to add the giant’s ears to her collection of curiosa. Never mind that the giant of Pham was her brother.

Princess Qhuz and the Empire of Her Own
by Wilmer Murillo

A long time ago on the mountains of Krell there lived a giant with the furriest arms in the world – he could hug fifteen people at once, and keep them warm through the bitter cold nights of Krell. This did not sit too well with the dwarf Alabismos, whose failing boiler business drove him to search for new markets, and to Alabismos the mountains of Krell were the end of the line. For the dwarf to conquer, the giant must go.

There's Chocolate in Those Mountains
by Hector Mansilla

A long time ago on the deserts of Denza there lived a giant with the largest heart in the world – and his skin was like sand and his shoulders like dunes, so that when he lay down nobody would know he lay there among the real dunes of the desert. Least of all the stalking hunters of Denza with their silent ways and poison-tipped arrows. A girl of the hunter clan asked her parents one morning, “Why must we hunt the giant? Why can’t we leave him alone?”

And her parents said, “Because he isn’t like us, but too big and dangerous, and he hides too well.”

abstract horizon
by Iris Lenhardt

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