May 17, 2014

Hell Would Swallow Your Voice Forever

Police cannons vomited the ugliest sound in the world, and Micah felt it coiling around her bones, creeping up her spine and dragging her to the van.

Black jaws of painted steel swallowed a dozen people and locked them in the dark. An engine roared to life.

Where to now?

On the inspiration for this prompt:

To the best of my knowledge, using sound for crowd control is nothing new. I don't think anybody's developed a sonic frequency that can be used as a kind of tractor beam, though. Yet tractor beams are possible -- just don't expect them to start reeling in baby herrings, let alone spaceships. Not yet.

Freedom of assembly is enshrined in Article 20 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. As this article on Alternet points out, human rights get trampled all over the world. Routinely

The sound cannon on TV series Helix made quite an impression on me. I must applaud the sound designer for coming up with something so vile; I mean, it felt totally plausible that a sound like that would disable and disorient human beings.

But let's not get stuck in doom and gloom here. It is Saturday after all. I found these entertaining cards by MincingMockingbird on Etsy the other day, and this one struck me as especially inspiring:

The Mincing Mockingbird

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