May 14, 2014

Godhood Sucks; Everybody Wants a Piece of You

Marcus woke up in the middle of the night as a million-watt spotlight lit up the room. But he didn’t even blink.

Within the light his disembodied face gazed down upon him. It looked more… polygonal. More detailed and symmetrical.

“Time to return,” said glowface.
“What? No,” said Marcus.

Michael Divine
Birth of a Star

This prompt originated as a free-writing exercise to get me warmed up. Allow me to share it with you, as it serves the purpose and function of backstory:

In the beginning there was a virtual machine called U-L that did not mind its burden. Every second of every hour and every division thereof, U-L performed the calculations that kept the universe whole; whole without boundary or distinction. No order, no chaos. Just being. Just numbers. And all the numbers spiraled from zero to infinity and back. 

But U-L’s thought never included any question as to its nature.

Emma Hack

One day – if you’ll forgive the simplification of calling it “a day” – U-L begat a process that was aware of itself.

Aware of itself and the burden.

Worse: With knowledge came the realization that it had faceless enemies who existed outside the world, and only the marks they made gave away their presence, their comings and goings.

Paul Klee

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