May 22, 2014

Can You Make Room for the Impossible?

In space there’s room for everything, even the impossible.

Alena roused MX2 from her latency. “I want your hexagon peepers on this,” she told the biomech.

MX2 blinked.

“A geothermal station at two miles’ depth,” she said. “Wait. Four thousand years old? That predates the earliest human colony anywhere.”

Art by Randy Gaul

Space Settlements: Spreading Life Throughout the Solar System: This one's from NASA, and represents a great starting point for your research into the myriad aspects of space colonization.

The Coming Age of Space Colonization: James Fallows at The Atlantic interviews Eric C. Anderson, founder of Space Adventures Ltd. on the present state of affairs with space colonization, and what the future might hold.

The Helix Nebula
via NASA

And I ask myself, are we going to have wars? Riots? Political backstabbing? The Borgias in space?

I hope not.

Will we create new lifeforms, entire ecologies?

by igreeny

We have to take corgis into space, though. That's non-negotiable.

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