Apr 23, 2014

The Afterlife Is Really Crowded, Don't You Know

My first memory of life after death: A door with a gilded sign on it. It read

The Ministry of Pleasant Things Would Like You to Have a Pleasant Afternoon in Hell

— Which I found solecistic.

I was to find out later that things would not improve. Not exactly.

Forest Rogers: Venetian Harpy (back)
At this stage, the Harpy is a work in progress.

Bangsian fantasy concerns itself chiefly with events that take place in the afterlife. It will often employ historical figures as characters. The first one I ever read was Inferno by Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle. 

Cover to the 1st Edition

Solecistic is a ten-dollar word that I chose to employ because the main character in this prompt spent most of his childhood memorizing the Chambers Dictionary.

In Real Life™, the Chambers Dictionary, 1994 edition is my favorite dictionary of the English language. Not for completeness, as it would be hard to beat the Oxford at that game, but for the obscure, 16th-century words and the inclusion of many linguistic gems from Scots, such as... as... hmm. Memory fails me now. More on the Chambers later, I guess.

Side note: I like Scotland. Especially Edinburgh. 

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