Apr 6, 2014

Sunday Art Flood: Photography Edition

Do you own a camera? Have you ever tried to learn all the things it can do?

If you always shoot on AUTO, you're missing out. More than a simple tool, the camera is a portal. It is a vehicle for learning. It is, no less, an instrument and channel for vision. Forget "capturing" moments -- the camera doesn't capture moments, you do. And you can even create moments, as many of the photos below will attest.

But I don't intend to give you a crash course on DSLR (Digital Single-Lens Reflex camera) photography today: you can find plenty of learning resources online, such as 

Andrew Schär's DSLR Photography 101
Or my personal favorite, Ken Rockwell's huge archive on How to Take Better Pictures

-- although, I must say, no online course or learning material will teach you as much as taking your camera out on the field and making a ton of mistakes. You'll be amazed at how much you can learn from your mistakes.

This Sunday, let's you and I explore the countless worlds of photography, that sublime art form which has most definitely not killed painting, as the painters of old prophesied, but is instead merging with it and creating a playful dialog that rejuvenates both disciplines.

Dog, Running
by John Magnet Bell

Photo flood begins after the jump. Are you ready for this?
Duy Ha Minh

Angela Collier

Claudio Parentela

Fabien Nissels

Chase O'Leary

Alex Stoddard

Erwin Olaf

Claudio Parentela

The Other Mask
by John Magnet Bell

David Burdeny

Duy Ha Minh

Clive Arrowsmith

Blanka Mateno

Jacquelyn Martin

You really should read about her photo essay,
Tribe of Ghosts

Jonathan Curry

Justin Poulsen

Kendra Zvonik

Javier Cortina

Claudio Parentela

Neil Krug

Joshua White

Mirage 1
by John Magnet Bell

Elisabeth Bernstein

David Burdeny

Ouka Leele

Vladimir Fedotko

Linden Gledhill
microscopy of butterfly wing

More Linden Gledhill, same series as above

Neil Krug

Glitch 4: Broken Hopes
by John Magnet Bell

Philippe Jarrigeon

See you soon!

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