Apr 30, 2014

A Fragrant Bouquet of Whats, Whos and Whys

What happens when a child finds a giant skull in the basement?
What will religion look like in a thousand years, assuming humanity is still around?
What happens when the first elected woman president of an unnamed country turns out to be a man? (And, uh, how do you get to have an unnamed country, because I’d like to know)

Ford Smith

Who is the writer that supplanted Shakespeare in the 22nd century, and what historical circumstances led to his or her appearance?
Who was the man who passed through New Sweden in 1642 and tried to sell a rectangular golden chip which he claimed could cure all ills, from scrofula to indigestion?
Who is the swordswoman that married the Queen of Lys and named their first child Silverfoot Crow?

Evgenija Gapchinskaja

Why did the ancestral chicken spirits compel Riley the Rooster to go in search of the Primordial Egg?
Why does Atari want you to forget about the ET video game, going so far as to dig a “mass grave” for game cartridges in Alamogordo?
Why did the Sword of Blasted Souls carry the inscription, “Never Give Up Hope”?

Nelly Tsenova

I made up the Sword of Blasted Souls, the visitor to New Sweden, the Queen of Lys, Silverfoot Crow, etc. You can do with these ideas as you please. These are intended as jumping-off points for stories.

New Sweden was a Swedish colony in North America between 1638 and 1655, and a "new" New Sweden exists today in Maine.

I wish I had created Marutaro, though. Behold, the coolest hedgehog in all of existence.

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