Mar 26, 2014

Still Looking for the Right Words to Fill a Void

I am still mourning my father. That means no written story prompt today, but I can bring you art and let pictures do some of the talking for me. Maybe I’ll throw in some music at the end.

Pendul City
by Sparth (Nicolas Bouvier)

My old man didn’t especially enjoy science fiction. He found it silly. The hardships he suffered dulled his imagination and warped his sense of humor. He started helping out with the family business when he was seven or eight. No allowance, no money for comics, no TV in the house. What do flights of fancy mean -- what does your fantasy turn to when you don't have enough to eat?

Not to the stars.

Science fiction is silly, but noble at the same time. Science fiction and fantasy as genres represent fictional spaces where authors can indulge in silliness and tell good stories all the same.

Simon Fetscher

I wish he had seen that.

He found refuge only in sleep. He’d sit down to watch a movie and doze off in twenty minutes at the most, but often complained of insomnia.


Certain contradictions did not bother him in the least. He pretended not to like cats, but every cat we ever had felt drawn to him and would nestle in his lap for hours as my father read an issue of his beloved Time magazine.

Marco Patrito

The passing of days claimed him. Where he goes next, if he goes, that I don’t know.

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