Feb 3, 2014

Blogging with My Pants Off and My Heart on My Sleeve; Plus a Megaton of Wonderful Art

Not Your Average Monday Rant

Do you blog? Then you know how hard it gets sometimes. Do you write short stories? Novels? Then you know the pain of getting stuck.

Three years ago I started this blog to inspire people who had trouble starting their novels -- starting their lives, in fact. Three years ago, I was stuck.

I hadn't yet come to a fundamental realization: Nothing, not even "writing from the heart," substitutes for knowing your subject inside and out. Inspiration only carries you so far. This applies to life as well.

Now, I don't have a grand plan for this blog and if I did, it wouldn't include getting rich. Because mumble mumble artistic integrity and mumble mumble day job where I already am my own boss.

But this blog has a job to do, and I define that job as follows:

  1. Bring to your attention some of the great art, writing and thoughts out there.
  2. Lead you to the realization that you too are capable of great achievements and deep thought.
  3. Awaken the poet in you.
  4. Make you laugh and maybe even cry.
  5. Make you realize that the world is wider and stranger and richer than you think.
  6. Keep me producing, writing, communicating. 
  7. Keep you writing and communicating and connecting with others.

Money's not a part of it because this blog isn't a product. For that very reason I don't carry ads and turn away offers of publicity that would bring zero benefit to you. I may start other blogs and may want to monetize them; not Start Your Novel. This blog is one of the closest things I have to religious ritual.

You know what, I feel so good about having shared all of this with you, I think I'm going to make Monday Rants a regular thing. Check out the art flood after the break.

Seldon Hunt & Florian Bertmer
James Jean
Teagan White
Jennifer Greenburg
Yana Moskaluk
Vangel Naumovski
Dan Cretu
John Magnet Bell
Thank you for reading. As a parting note, I would like to offer you this HD wallpaper based on my abstract piece, Doorway. See you soon!

To download this wallpaper, right-click on the image and select "Save As."

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