Feb 14, 2014

The Leopard's Final Razor, or, The Kill is Suspensing Me

On the train between Zurich and Bonn a bearded man walked past me and went into the bathroom, remained inside for two minutes and emerged without a beard. Two minutes later a beardless man entered the same bathroom and came out wearing the first man’s beard. I feared for mine.

Beard and Crayons
by Will it Beard

Beard trivia for Valentine's Day:

Scientists find beards interesting. Quite a few have investigated how and why they grow.

Alexander the Great ordered his troops to go clean-shaven, as their beards might provide convenient handles for enemies to grab, hold the soldier in place and kill him much more easily.

After Alexander, philosophers retained their beards to signal their philosophical-ness. But, as the saying goes, barba non facit philosophum, so if one Friday night you see an attractive bearded guy at the bar and you strike up a conversation, do not begin by discussing Zeno's paradox. It may not go well.

In the UK, the Beard Liberation Front awards a Beard of the Year trophy to, well, impressive beards.

The fear of beards has a name: Pogonophobia.

The Cock Tavern on Mare Street, Hackney (UK) is now considered the UK's most beard-friendly (beard-friendliest?) pub in all of Albion.

Beard Vader
by Beardy Graphics

Video: Let a bearded gentleman explain to you how people can still disappear in this day and age.

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