Feb 22, 2014

Oh No, my Wizard Tower Is Upside Down

Nimbledog was writing poetry. Always a bad sign.
“Now, old man,” said Ladybird, his personal pentadimensional hex debugger, “have you conjured up another muse?”
“Oh,” Nimbledog whimpered, “she ran off with a semi-autonomous checksum calculator.”
“You give them too much agency,” said Ladybird.

Au Contraire
by Giulio Rossi

Technomancy: a fictional superpower where magic abilities involve the control and meta-normal use of machines.

I suppose technology-related magical powers could stray into the realm of coding. So, Nimbledog is someone who hacks the noosphere around him trying to make his personal Galatea manifest, but the ladies he compiles keep falling in love with unintended targets.

Space Vandal
by Budi Satria Kwan

You may have noticed I didn't blog yesterday. Well, I have to be honest: I don't always have posts lined up, nor does inspiration favor me with 100% consistency. As a fellow human, I know you understand. Have a wonderful Saturday.

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