Feb 19, 2014

His Eyes Are Made of Thunder and Honey

The Velvet Vultures were in town for their farewell tour, and Oriole was grounded for stealing dad’s whiskey, but punishment (read: cruel and unusual punishment) wouldn't keep her confined.

Nobody knew whether the lead singer on VV was male or female, and Oriole had to find out.

Deerhunter provided visual inspiration for the "Velvet Vultures."

So did Ukrainian singer Boris Aprel.

And Andy, the vocalist on Black Veil Brides.

Where you choose to take this prompt is up to you. The VV singer could be an alien from outer or inner-space; a hermaphrodite; a quadphrodite (something I made up just now where someone has four different genders); psychologically and physiologically asexual; a biomechanical robot; a hologram projected by an AI; an angel of some kind. Or a *gasp* demon. 

As a side note, I find the concept of "demon" rather hackneyed. Same with vampire, werewolf, elf, dwarf... 

Sexually ambiguous beings are the hot new thing, if you ask me. Why don't more writers tackle that? I mean, put on your futuroscope and get ahead of the curve already.

Citing NBC News, Ross Pomeroy writes that 1 out of 4000 babies are born intersex
How many intersex characters are there in fiction? Does the 1/4000 rate compare? I don't know. I'm not saying we ought to have quotas -- that would infringe on your right to tell the stories you want, the way you want to tell them -- but diversity, including diverse sexuality, makes a story more compelling. it creates more dramatic and storytelling possibilities. 

By the way, my Chrome spellchecker didn't even recognize the word "intersex." I had to fix that.

Photo by Wanda Martin

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