Jan 17, 2014

Of Comets and Gods in the Making

Asferit had not grown up; she didn’t know where she came from; could not conceive of childhood. No memories of parents, no recollection of family. On the vast empty world that served her as a lab, she built the probes and put a little bit of herself in each one.

by John Magnet Bell

Both this prompt and the picture above were inspired by the concept of panspermia: the idea that life might be distributed throughout the universe by traveling on meteors and other wandering bodies. You might find it curious that one of the co-discoverers of DNA, Francis Crick, championed directed panspermia -- a proposed method for seeding life on planets across the cosmos.

Who knows how many resilient species can withstand the hardships of space? Cyanobacteria survived a whopping 553 days on the International Space Station, after all. Could a super-intelligent being or colony organism not design some version of itself to survive long years traveling the void?

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