Jan 3, 2014

Captain Chunkypants, Protector of the Common Bowl, Savior of the Galaxy

Captain Chunkypants, first and best hope of Dogkind, pointed the nose of his woofship toward the ion currents and declared: “Lobster pirate vessel approaching. All dogs to their pack stations.”

Already the sinister crustacean craft banked against the cosmic tides, tensing her proton whips.

Picorgi! Or, you know, Captain Chunkypants.

Corgis originate in Wales; they were bred as herding dogs, and also employed to guard households and children. They may have some Swedish Vallhund (a.k.a. 'The Little Cattle Dog of the Vikings') in their blood. Norse invaders brought vallhundar to Wales hundreds of years ago.

There are two breeds of Corgi: the larger, sturdier Cardigans, and the Pembroke Corgis. Trainable as they are, corgis get taken out to hunt -- even big game, like bears! Imagine that. But hey, some bears are complete wusses.  

And corgis mean business.

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