Dec 6, 2013

On a Pixelated Summer, The Protagonist Rewrote Herself

Plaidwerk downloaded her personality patch and pretended to install it. The Repository wouldn’t erase Jimmydew from her memory – Jimmydew belonged to her. He was her brother in code. She triple-checked her encryptors and waited for the Repository to ping approval on the install. A new day began.

The Spirit II
by Laure B.

"Plaidwerk" is a portmanteau of Plaid and Kraftwerk, two influential, sophisticated players in the electronic music scene. "Jimmydew" just sounds sweet to me, whereas "Plaidwerk" sounds strong and determined. And quirky. That's important too. Quirks make a person unique.

With a name like that, it made sense to put Plaidwerk in the role of heroine for this story prompt. The capitalized "Repository" sounds impersonal at best. I wanted to hint at a remote, sinister entity governing the lives of post-human citizens, informing their personality from afar, delivering data packets they must accept in order to remain functional. The potential for breakdown and dramatic storytelling is immense.

by Annemarie Rysz

At one point I considered turning the heroine's name into an allusion to Skinny Puppy (Canada's gift to electronica). So here's some Skinny Puppy for you, after the jump. Enjoy, and have a great weekend.

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