Dec 20, 2013

Parable of the Hungry Dark

Waw an Namus, in Lybia: An oasis inside a volcanic crater. Photo by George Steinmetz.

Not knowing the fear that would descend with the closing of his eyes, Louvrigan sat down for his first night of meditation.

In the black between one dream and the next, a door waited for him. Feeling Louvrigan’s touch, the Devourer of Images stirred in its bodyless den.

illustration by Swaroop

Let me tell you what I had in mind for Louvrigan as I wrote this story prompt. I pictured a post-human shaman or technomancer in the distant future, living on Earth - perhaps - but a changed Earth, necessarily. I'm thinking of a future where technology is well on its way toward integration with the human mind and, in the process, opens dangerous windows of opportunity.

Spy rocks. The aptly and eerily-named Gorgon Stare. Technology versus the solitary mind.

So I asked myself: What if a human mind in technology-assisted meditation could alert a godlike, insatiable entity to our existence? One whose actions would wipe sight from the world, turning every living creature blind? 

Further reading: The poem that dragged us out of the Dark Ages. I thought I'd tell you about this, because that's where my phrase, "the black between one dream and the next," ultimately takes root.

Seriously, Felix. Shut up. Go listen to Quantum Mystic by Yob. It might do you some good.

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