Nov 13, 2013

Where the Trees Have Learned to Bite

Tracy climbed out of the van, already in costume.
“Hey, Green Man,” said Rhonda, “You lose the bet. I get to fuck you with any toy of my choosing.” The others chuckled.
The park had fought the elements and lost.
“Let me see the map,” said Tracy.

"Build and they will come" doesn't work 100% of the time, I guess. Let Atlas Obscura take you on a journey to the unknown -- to places forgotten by time and Santa Claus.

Inspiration #2: The Green Man, whose true identity lies long forgotten. Was he God? Guardian spirit? You find endless variations of his face in European cathedrals; Green Man pubs from Wellington, NZ to Asheville, NC and even in Phuket, where he competes with local folklore.* Also known as Jack of the Wood or Jack-o'-the-Green, people hold festivals in his name -- but he will never reveal himself fully.

by Nazario Graziano

So I conceived of a rock band who would dress up as part eco-, part folklore-inspired superheroes. Call it a gimmick, if you like. I even thought up names for the band members' hero identities: Green Man, Redwood, Demeter, Cernunnos and Glacier.

They drive for three hours and arrive at this theme park where they expect to play a gig, but they find the park in a state of evident dereliction. What happens now?

Green Man mask by Mythical Masks

*Consider Nang Tani, who haunts banana trees, or the Phi Pop, who eats your entrails as you sleep and can only be exorcised by means of a spinning dance.

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