Nov 15, 2013

Gnome, Zombie or Half-Eagle Rainbow: Everybody's Welcome

Would you join me for a brief stroll in the woods?

An Impression of Noble Woods at Sunset
by John Magnet Bell

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But wait, there's a lot more to see and do today.
Yours truly has dived deep into the treasure vaults of the internet to bring you other nuggets of inspiration:


Some Feel Rain by Joanna Klink. Add a little moisture and pastel to your day with this poetic gem.
Neil de Grasse Tyson Kills Your Zombie Apocalypse Hopes. Need I add more?


Give it a Rest - Poetic Pauses in Your Writing. Another great contribution to the writing community on Janice Hardy's blog.
Sitting or Standing - A Writer's Dilemma. By Peggy Bechko. The benefits of changing working positions once in a while, and the many adjustable desks out there.

(well, not in the strictest sense)

I stumbled upon so much powerful art this week -- thought I'd bring you some highlights.

F. Scott Hess

Mr. E

Chris Grundy

And finally...

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