Nov 6, 2013

Breakfast with the Angels

He looked to the west as if more would fall from the sky. None did. He knelt beside the bed and whispered:
“I’m going to scrape off a little something,” he said, tapping the stranger’s kaleidoscope skin.
“Use that,” he said, pointing to a microscope, “to see more. See better.”

And for posterity, he preserved something like this: A rare view of the sky-fallen stranger's skin cells.
image © John Magnet Bell 

The above image was created using this as a starting point:

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© John Magnet Bell

Which, in turn, is a manipulation using bits and pieces of the image below:

Which you can also get as a print, laptop skin and more
© John Magnet Bell

So, ut pictura poesis, I guess: Don't be afraid to remix your writing. Images always give birth to new images. Words bring forth more of their own kind. And hope? Hope springs eternal.

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