Nov 20, 2013

First Rule of Chess: Count to Ten and Go Ballistic

Seething with anger, Baron Erasmus van Sitztinkler kicked the chessboard. It flew into the air like a square bird made of broken wings.
“Ach,” said the Baron, “five-dimensional chess is a game for barbarians.”
The referee rose from her chair. “Baron,” she said, “you have committed a capital offense.”

sculpture by Johnson Tsang

While I doubt that five-dimensional chess has already come into existence in this particular continuum, you may want to try other exotic varieties of the game:

3-man chess


running from bears

Now that you're done perusing my photo essay on chess, you can follow Johnson Tsang's wordpress blog, where he posts fascinating pictures of works in progress. Or stay here and read some more. I've written about Mark Rothko and Diane Arbus -- Alvar Aalto and Coco Chanel -- and you know what, my rubber ducky would like you to read about all of them. Will you disappoint my rubber ducky? You'd better not.

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