Oct 11, 2013

You Made Me Poindexter All Over the Place

“OK, so Gary joined this gang and wants people to call him Jules now – and they dress like colorblind golfers and…”
Merriweather sighed.
“They’re not a gang, Howard,” said he.
“They raided my grandmother’s drug cabinet!” said Howard.
“Your version of events,” said Merriweather.
“They microwaved my pet scorpion!”

by Nadja Donner

Have you ever heard of cerebral achromatopsia? It’s a kind of color blindness caused by damage to the brain. You should totally read the Wikipedia article for the quotation from Oliver Sacks ("The case of the colorblind painter").

And then, if you think Colorblind Golfers would make a dumb name for a criminal association, head on over to this article on the 20 stupidest gang names in the FBI national gang threat assessment.

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