Oct 20, 2013

Now Go Get Disinfected Like a Proper Citizen

Brief note: I didn't have any time to blog last week. I was busy with a massive translation, and no less with preparations for a long, long journey. But the dust of my life has begun to settle, so I now rejoin the blogging fray. Without further perorations, I give you a Sunday prompt.

I got detained outside the Watermelon District carrying seventy-five follicle mites in my secret eyebrow pockets.

The officers kept me waiting in a Spartan concrete room no more than six feet by two while they checked my papers. I starved; the mites wiggled and squirmed. Oh, temptation -- excruciation!

Eyelash mites live on your face. And they find you delicious. Now imagine a guy (or a girl), a mutant, who's evolved to derive nutrition from eyelash mites and nothing else, in an oppressive society where facial parasites have been made illegal.

So this guy (or girl) has to pretend to eat regular food; devise techniques to conceal their lunch from parasite scanners at multiple checkpoints on the way to work; and take their cold meals in the company restroom. 

As this prompt begins, the National Directorate For Safety, Security and Hygiene has issued a level-10 Contagion Alert on an escaped parasite smuggler. Every NDSSH checkpoint is at 110% personnel capacity – slightly overmanned, I guess you could say --  and our protagonist must contend with heightened stress levels. Just imagine the adrenaline flowing through that guy’s (or girl's) system.

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