Oct 2, 2013

The Four Ghosts that Devoured Gabriel St. Lazare

With the clumsy pincers of his index and middle finger, Gabriel pulled the flask from his jacket pocket. Gabriel uncorked it, drank up the amber liquid within, shook the flask over his mouth for the last drop, and looked at his dead wives, moonlight-pierced and silent.

Painting by Ysabel LeMay

Lazare or Lazarus: You could say this is the story of a man who will only find resurrection in saying goodbye, in walking away. How much of the past must he carry along in order to survive? How does he tell what he really needs?

I am not the wisest person in the world. This much I know: we need people and memories more than we need objects. We need freedom of choice more than bonds. Freedom to exist as an individual in control of your life – the freedom to take seven showers a day or make your bed out of saxophones if you feel like it.

The Magician
by James Reads

“Learning to let go” often comes up in books, films and TV shows for a simple reason: attachment is a bitch. Habit can become tyrannical.

But you control your habits. Or at least you can try to. And trying always begins with a little choice. One small step for you, a giant’s leap for the rest of your life.

Echo Tree
by Vesna Pesic

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