Oct 25, 2013

Blame it on the Drunk Who Invented Objects with a Conscience

Jacinta found Excalibur gathering dust under a seat of the Ashmolean. It looked like a kitchen knife. She didn’t touch it.

She flagged the location on her phone and dialed an 11-digit number.
“Tell Tradescant the article has devolved,” she said.
“Elaborate,” said a man’s voice.
“90% assimilation,” said Jacinta.

John Tradescant the Elder
portrait attributed to Cornelis de Neve

The Ashmolean Museum in Oxford, England displays the variegated collection of Elias Ashmole -- which includes objects and curios brought to Ashmole by the Tradescants. Tradescant the elder and his son of the same name were gardeners and travelers. To them, England owes the existence of the Musaeum Tradescantium; the first house of that nature to open its doors to the public in Albion.

I imagined one of Tradescant's prominent friends bringing him a curious object from the Americas which would bestow immortality upon its owner, and transfer parts of his consciousness to other objects that could function as recipients/vessels. The legendary Excalibur would be one of those vessels. Excalibur would also possess a quasi-sentient capability for mimicry. It would blend in and go unnoticed until the need arose to reveal itself.

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