Sep 13, 2013

The Bleeding Edge of the Rainbow

A surrealist steampunk romance with a dash of erotoelectronica and occult tech:

Azalea fell in love with Castor for the third and last time. She built for him a 3-eyed photon clarinet that would summon ghosts out of the light-sphere, and these ghosts would beg him to stop obsessing about his mudras and pay attention to Azalea before she imploded.

Azalea would sometimes put on her anti-love mask, but she couldn't
get Castor out of her system.

This prompt was directly inspired by three distinct finds on this wondrous Internet of ours. The first being a conceptual portrait by Hector de Gregorio:

click to enlarge

The second, a photo of the 3-Eyed Photon Clarinet built by Reed Ghazala, photographer, inventor and "father of circuit bending":


And the third, a riveting illustration by the talented Laurie Lipton, visionary artist, maker of worlds:

Vice video: Reed Ghazala, Father of Circuit Bending

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