Sep 25, 2013

I Would Kiss You, But I Cannot Find Your Lips

Your name is Atrocious the Elder. Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and your girlfriend wants a bouquet of jeweled human skulls. But humans have been extinct for three hundred years!

So you cast your mind into the Fourth Void, where your friend Clonemaster conducts his illegal experiments.

by Antonio Polo

Imagine cloning two dozen people just so you could harvest their skulls. Would an advanced non-human species do that to us – breed people and use them as we’ve done to dogs? And what’s the human equivalent of a Chihuahua or a Pekingese?

Anyway. Some people believe the human race is not long for this world. Mayhap squid will replace us in the distant future. Or alien robots. Who knows.

While we’re still around, we enjoy the privilege of imagining a post-human future. Strap yourself in and let Mammoth Grinder take you there.

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