Sep 29, 2013

A Sunday Roundup: Mecha-Romance and Mantids and Disco

What's the best thing you never did on a Sunday? For me, the answer is simple -- make sweet love to the USS Enterprise! But her exhausts are too big and I'm only like 3 feet tall or something. Ours shall ever be a platonic relationship. I pine, I faint, I die.

So this Sunday I bring you visual and storytelling inspiration from the four corners of the Internet.

I've been out taking pictures.

From The Savvy Intern, 12 absurd Kanye West quotes you can apply to your career. I had no idea Picasso was a... never mind.

From BLDGBLOGice that burns, ice that sinks instead of floating, ice literally out of this world.

Joshua White continues his
Photographic Survey of the American Yard

On reader feedback and patience: Juliette Wade of TalkToYoUniverse warns you not to squander your readers. 

More than a year ago, Nick Mamatas wrote "Let's put an end to geek pride." Worth revisiting because, well, the navel-gazing and misguided exceptionalism that Nick rails against has not gone away. His book, Starve Better, was the second ebook I ever acquired.

And on that note, dear reader, I bid you adieu and ttyl. Enjoy my hand-picked selection of Italo Disco tracks.

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