Aug 2, 2013

War, Love, Revenge -- Flamingos

Madam Astrodosia learned to hunt before she could read, and to sing before she could hunt.

Desirous of revenge against the black flamingos who took her father and ate him, Astrodosia crawled into the town brothel to learn the poison songs of prostitutes.

The Greater Flamingo is the largest species around, weighing between 2 and 4 kg (4.4–8.8 lbs) and standing between 110-150 cm (4360 in). While I was under the impression that black flamingos do occur in nature, I cannot at present verify my impression through a Google image search. By the by, if you don't have safe search activated, black flamingo will dredge up quite a few pictures of burlesque performances.

Burlesque is OK in my book, but I'd rather not look for black flamingos in a stack of scantily-clad women. I can think of better uses for my time.

E.g., talk some more about flamingos. The Lesser Flamingo stands at the opposite end of the scale, adults weighing no more than 2.7 kg (6 lb), standing no taller than 90 cm (35 in). Still, put a lesser flamingo next to a bee hummingbird -- if you really, really want to -- and the lesser flamingos will look like colossi. 

You know, colossi. Fancy old word for kaiju and that sort of thing.

Oh, shut up.

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