Aug 25, 2013

Three Despicable Villains You Can Use Any Way You Like

Before we begin: None of these people exist and yes, you are free to use these characters in any way you like. Think of these character sketches as writing prompts.

Specul Geist, whom I first mentioned here, runs a secret agency even most secret agencies don't know about. He is a prolific author of indoctrination and behavior modification literature. He is married with four children; only his wife knows what he does for a living. Geist's extended family thinks he works as a therapist. Nobody knows of the parasitic twin living in his brain.

Likes: torture, brainwashing, maraschino cherries.

Dislikes: David Foster Wallace novels, sex.

Crowning Achievement: Developing a backmasking method so precise that it makes targets commit suicide at a desired date, with a 2.5-hour margin of error.  
George Washington Bridge
by Neil B

Jolene McKay, former nursing student, has a thing for burying people alive — up to their ears. Jolene always digs her "sacrificial pits" before she selects a target. First she lures unsuspecting males to her woodland cabin, and lets sexual play progress to the point where most of their clothes lay scattered on the floor. The lady injects the hapless men with a paralyzing drug that does not hinder the physical sensation of pain, then she renders them unconscious. She enjoys studying the terror in a victim's eyes as they come to and realize she's plugging up their nose with dirt.  

Likes: fashion design, bestiality, ant farms.

Dislikes: dogs and little children.

Crowning Achievement: making a tiara of human mandibles and finger bones.  

by J. Tovey Frost

Gwadzerk the Awful is a failed experiment by human standards: a botched combination of mantis, naked mole rat and alien DNA. The genderless Gwadzerk thinks of itself as the apex of creation, however.

Having escaped from the lab where it was created, Gwadzerk assembled an army of mantids, field mice and snails to do his bidding. None of these creatures possess much in the way of brainpower; the quality of efficiency is not strained.

Gwadzerk inaugurated its criminal career by orchestrating an assault on an empty parking lot. Why it should do so remains a mystery, but down to the last minion, everyone agreed the assault was a remarkable success. Until seven in the morning. When cars began to roll in.

Likes: eating incompetent minions for breakfast.

Dislikes: Mozart, car horns, daylight.

Crowning Achievement: taking over the mind of a marmoset, so at least Gwadzerk now controls a creature with opposable thumbs.  

Photo by Wei-Hang Chua

Music for Villains
After the Jump

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