Aug 21, 2013

The Department of Total Convenience

The life of a backmasker is full of secret thrills -- once you move past the stage where your conscience matters.
— Specul Geist, 1990

My pulse quickened when I held the Post away from the light and the headline hit me. I staggered. I sat. Two kids were dead.
"Congratulations," said the section chief.
"Congratulations," said the regional chief.
Their approval tasted like burning honey.

Killer Tune
by Enkel Dika

This prompt took partial inspiration from PronunciationBook, a strange, if quite sophisticated channel on YouTube.

PronunciationBook has spawned a speculative subreddit where users gather to share clues and insights into the true nature of this project.

Wash that down with a bit of reading on broadcast signal intrusion. The unexplained cases are quite riveting.

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