Aug 23, 2013

Soaring to the Skies of Dawn, Falling through the Empires of Man

When the Langobards poured into Italy, howling all the way from Pannonia, I dug up the gem, packed up my things and left. Whrxstakozl had figured out I would look for temperate climes. I summoned the secret map, and looked up the closest viable refuge: Carthage Underground.

Keep 'em Coming
by John Stortz

568 AD. The Lombards (Langobardi), having left their native Scania to wreak havoc on their southern neighbors, established a kingdom in Italy.

9-16 AD (approximate dates). Roman historian Velleius, by extant accounts a sloppy and bombastic writer, claimed that the savagery of the Langobardi exceeded even that of their Germanic cousins. This is the earliest known mention of the Lombards in writing.


I hit 362,666 page views today, so we ought to celebrate! Because 666 is a lovely number. It's symmetrical. I like it. Shall we look into the history of 666?

And what better way to conclude the celebration than marveling to Steve Martin's mad banjo skills -- in a face-off against that living legend of bluegrass, Kermit the Frog?

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