Aug 14, 2013

Never Been More Soberer, or, Confessions of a Professional Victim

For the record: When a person loves another person of the same sex, that's love all the same. Having fun in bed is a human right; so have fun in bed as often as you like, with persons of whatever gender you like. You won't get any grief from me.

But this prompt gets into the mind of a schizophrenic homophobe. I wanted to make sure you understand Mr. Cadwallader's delirium does not reflect my opinion or worldview. 

Mitchum Cadwallader heard on the radio that the gays were taking over, via telepathy this time. Spreading a faggot virus that could contaminate children from a thousand miles away.

Like, some Mary Macho would think a thought -- turn little Abby into a rug muncher. Mitchum grabbed his balls in fear.

Wish I knew who took this picture.

Cadwallader: Welsh family name, from given name Cadwalader, meaning "leader in battle."

Mary Macho: Derogatory term for lesbians in Mexico. Mitchum might spend a lot of time not paying attention to Mexicans. Ostensibly.

Fun fact about Wales: It is home to the oldest royal tombstone in Britain.

Fun fact about Mexico: Nobody's 100% certain where the word Mexico came from. A legend proposes the meaning "Land of the War God." Another associates Mexico with the goddess of maguey (American aloe).

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